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Services at Xclusive Truck Kustoms

Xclusive Truck Kustoms is an off-road shop located in Celina TX. We specialize in Lift Kits, Level Kits, Wheels & Tires, Custom builds, & preventative maintenance. Basically - we make trucks look badass all over Celina, Frisco, Prosper, Mckinney, Denton, Plano, pretty much all over North Texas!


Preventative Maintenance / Diagnostics and Repair

Having issues with your vehicle? We can handle troubleshooting and identifying necessary steps to get your car, truck, or SUV back to peak condition.  Behind our ASE certifications, experience (and the fact that we truly love our jobs) you can trust our team to treat you right! From Alignments to Oil changes, engine repair to exhaust leaks - Xclusive has you covered!

Custom Lifted GMC Yukon XL Dropstar Wheels Xclusive Truck Kustoms

Wheels and Tires

We carry wheels and tires from all major manufacturers. No matter what your budget is - our staff can offer friendly advice and help you choose the best wheels or tires for your truck. We proudly carry major brands like Toyo Tires, Fuel off-road Wheels, Nitto Tires, American Force Wheels, and more. We also offer powder coating for your wheels as well as other accessories and options to make your truck look as awesome as possible.

F250XTK (1 of 1).jpg

Wanting to lift your truck but retain factory ride quality? We specialize in Suspension and Body lift kits. Whether you are looking to go all out or just make a small adjustment to your ride height with a level - We offer quick turnaround and professional service. We offer major brand lift kits such as Rough Country, BDS, Pro Comp, and more! 

Lift Kits / Level Kits


Powder Coating

At Xclusive Truck Kustoms we offer Custom Powder Coating on your truck parts and components to complete your dream look. Choose from a wide selection of color options and stand out from the crowd!

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Spray In Bedliner

Notice your bed is banged up? Get a new truck and want to keep the bed in the best shape possible? Spray in bedliner offers unparalleled protection and durability for the bed of your truck - ensuring you're not damaging your truck when using it to do what trucks do. 


Window Tinting & Wraps

Wanting to complete the look of your truck? Want some privacy or to escape the Texas heat? Want to brand your business? Xclusive Truck Kustoms offers window tinting and wrap services for cars AND trucks - in house! Don't get caught with your finger in your nose in traffic anymore!



Our shop is equipped with a top of the line Hunter Alignment Rack and our experienced technicians are ready and able to help get your truck or cars alignment back on track. Whether you have oversized wheels and tires, or your family vehicle just got a fresh set of tires, we are here to help. 


Brakes and More

Stopping is, believe it or not, an essential function of a vehicle - but you need to make sure you're on top of checking your brakes, replacing your brake pads when they're low, and re-surfacing or replacing your rotors when their life is over or when road conditions deteriorate them faster than you'd expect. Our team works with the highest quality products to ensure your vehicle is safe and on the road for as long as it can be.

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Custom Consultations

Want something that no one else has or have an idea you want to be brought to life? Our background in customs allows us to leverage years of experience, connections, and vendors to bring your dream to life! 

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Bed Covers

A bed covers offer protection from weather, secure cargo, improve aerodynamics, and provide a clean overall look. Let XTK help you find the perfect bed cover for your build. 

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